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Kiessling Transit Inc. Website

This Custom Designed Responsive Website was built using WordPress. It is built to automatically adapt to smartphone, tablet laptop or computer screen sizes. The site was done as a complete overhaul of an existing site that was outdated, Please go and check out Kiessling Transit's new site.

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WordPress Responsive Theme

WastingTimeHD.com This WordPress site is a modified WordPress Theme, the site features various HD videos of everything from extreme sports and drifting to bulldogs, puppies and baby elephants. The site was created as an exercise in WordPress, to manipulate and edit WordPress beyond my previous comfort level.

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PrestaShop E-Commerce Site

PrestaShop E-Commerce Site This PrestaShop E-Commerce Site is my latest project built and hosted by Digital Creative Products. www.DiscreteVapor.com is a new E-Cigarette and accessories online store. This site features a responsive design that adjusts to the device that the site is view upon. This E-Commerce Site self optimizes its layout to run efficiently on

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Web Design: Walpole Doors

Walpole Doors Custom Designed Web Site Walpole Doors Custom Designed and Hosted Web Site. This custom designed website was built for a garage door installation and repair company based out of  Walpole MA. WalpoleDoors.com is a responsive website that adjusts for computers or mobile devices. This site features a slideshow gallery of the garage doors, links to

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